Toothaches and pain can be the most distracting kind of ailment. For one, they are painful. Second, because teeth are attached to so many nerves, one small problem can be amplified into debilitating pain. In fact, when you have dental pain, you won’t act like yourself; the only thing you will want to do is call your nearest Fremont, CA Dentist.

At Lakeside Family Dental Care, we are here to help you and your family get care for your dental needs. If you are suffering from dental aches and pain, waiting is not the best way to solve the problem. With any dental situation, it is always best to hurry in and see a specialist, especially if the issue is much more serious than you expect.

Sometimes, adults can develop a tooth pain that is far worse than any scrape or bruise. This type of pain will certainly derail your life and make you want to see a dentist. This pain normally is due to nerve inflammation in one or more teeth. If a patient has this type of pain they will need to see their dentist for a dental root canal treatment. But, what is that?

Root canals are nothing to be scared of, but they should be avoided. You will typically need a root canal if you don’t properly brush or floss your teeth, or if you eat crunchy items regularly. This combination of things will result in a cracked tooth and an excess amount of plaque.

Plaque builds in your mouth if you don’t crush regularly. It is the combination of leftover food in between your teeth and a natural solution of bacteria that lives in your mouth. Together, they combine to make plaque, which works to decay your teeth.

If you chew or crunch on food, your poor teeth might become weak and eventually crack. A root canal is typically needed when the plaque on your teeth inserts itself into the crack of your tooth. Inside each of your teeth is a network of nerves and tissue, called pulp. The plaque in your mouth will decay your tooth from the inside and irritate the network of nerves in your mouth. Because the nerves are antagonized, this results in intense pain.

What You Need to Know About Dental Root Canal Treatment

You will be happy to know that getting a molar root canal does not hurt. When you schedule with a dentist, they will give you an injection of a numbing agent. This solution will completely numb the area and make it impossible for you to feel the procedure. Which is truly a relief because in the procedure your dentist will be scraping out decayed tissue from your tooth and coming into contact with your dental nerves.

If you are interested in incredible dental care, contact Lakeside Family Dentist. We will be able to provide you swift appointment set ups and get you into our office, treated, and on your way in no time!