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Whether you are suffering from natural tooth loss, or you were recently in an accident, you don’t have to live with gaps in your smile. If an incident knocked out a tooth or more, you may believe that it is a consequence you will have to live with — on the contrary! If you have lost any teeth, there are ways to restore your smile to its original brilliance.
Despite that some believe lost teeth are a masculine aesthetic, they are not becoming and can have serious implications on your health. But, we aren’t talking just your oral health, your whole body’s health could be jeopardized. When you have spaces in your teeth, this could welcome health problems such as gum disease and tumors.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can occur when the roots of the tooth are not stimulated by a tooth or an implant. When the roots aren’t stimulated they can decay and leave an empty space in your mouth. Every day there are millions of bacteria in your mouth. If you aren’t an avid brusher or flosser, you could have a plaque buildup in your mouth. When plaque builds up, this could eventually lease to a periodontal disease. Symptoms of this type of disease are:

  • Sore Mouth
  • Painful Chewing Problems
  • More Tooth Loses


“Crowding” occurs in the mouth when you have lost a tooth and the surrounding teeth are also affected. When you lose a tooth, the teeth next to the gap will naturally try to cover the opened gap. By doing so, their alignment can be affected. Crowding typically will happen when the gap is left unaddressed, with no implant or dentures created to correct the gap. Because of this affect, it is important to get proper dental treatment right away; implants will help correct a single tooth loss, while a denture will help restore a row of missing teeth.

Bone Loss

Your jaw bone also needs stimulated too, as the jaw bone’s primary function is to help your teeth (which are also bones) grow strong. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth are affected as well. Much of the neighboring teeth can lose their density and dimension, and possibly fall out. So, with tooth loss, comes more tooth loss! Which means, if you have lost a tooth, it is incredibly important to get dental care immediately. Don’t wait to put in a denture or an implant to save the quality of your smile.

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